Avoid Wrongful Repossessions: 5 Steps to Protect Your Business

Wrongful repossessions

The High Cost of Wrongful Repossessions for Asset-Based Lenders Wrongful repossessions are costly. They damage relationships and reputations. They trigger lawsuits and costly settlements. And depending on where you do business, they can even result in regulatory enforcement action – even criminal prosecution. Too often, lenders assume they’re indemnified; that their repossession partners and agencies […]

What Mistakes Are You Making? 5 Critical Mistakes Asset-Based Lenders Should Avoid

asset-based lenders

Even in good times, asset-based lenders and lease finance companies often make costly mistakes that bleed profits, damage customer relationships, and tarnish brand reputations. When originations are up, watching deficiency balances skyrocket too is maddening. After over 25 years helping banks, captives and independents, we’ve identified 5 critical mistakes to avoid: Fortunately, there are steps […]

ACS Achieves SOC-2 Type 2 Certification, Doubling Down on Client Security

SOC-2 Type 2

Asset Compliance Solutions (ACS), a leader in asset-based lending and lease finance solutions, has secured the prestigious SOC-2 Type 2 certification, solidifying their commitment to client data security. This achievement surpasses their previous SOC-2 Type 1, offering clients independent verification of ACS’s robust security practices. What is SOC-2? SOC-2 stands for Service Organization Control. It’s […]

Navigating Regulatory Risk Across Jurisdictions: A Guide for Asset-Based Equipment Lenders and Lease Finance Companies

Regulatory Risk

Executives at equipment lending or lease finance companies know that regulatory compliance is crucial for their business’s success. Noncompliance can be extraordinarily costly – affecting not only overall financial performance, but your organization’s reputation and ability to generate new business.  Aggravating the situation, regulatory variability across federal, state, and local jurisdictions makes keeping up challenging […]

Managing Risk in Your Fleet Loan Portfolios 

Fleet Loan Portfolios 

Lenders and lease finance companies that finance fleets of ten to five hundred vehicles and/or equipment units know. The multiplied risk exposure you face in any environment demands proactive portfolio management. That’s especially true in today’s tightening credit environment.  The increased risks lenders face today are the product of a variety of circumstances. The Federal […]

Navigating the Shifting Tides of Asset-Based Lending in 2024

Asset-Based Lending

In the dynamic world of asset-based lending, the winds of change are blowing. Recent buzz at industry conferences and in financial circles has been dominated by three key concerns: escalating worry over default rates, the decline in asset values, and an unmistakable spike in bankruptcies. Here at Asset Compliant Solutions (ACS), we’ve seen these conditions […]

Storm Clouds Gathering for Construction Lenders

Construction Lenders

Recent economic forecasts suggest difficult times may lie ahead for lenders who finance construction equipment purchases. As the industry enters its slower autumn season, experts predict rising delinquencies and defaults in this sector. Lenders who take preventative action now can mitigate risks and protect their bottom line.  Research by the Construction Financial Management Association reveals […]

Revenue Reclamation – An Innovative, Pre-legal Approach to Capture Lost Revenue

Lost Revenue

Asset-based lenders know; occasional charge-offs are an unavoidable fact of life and “one of the costs of doing business.” After weeks of fruitless collection activities and attempts to locate and assess any collateralized assets, most lenders feel as though there are very few options available to them to try to reclaim any of the revenue […]

How Continual Learning Improves ACS Collection Services

Collection Services

Together – collections, recovery and loan portfolio optimization are constantly evolving fields. That’s why ACS is always seeking new insights and ideas. Ideas that improve our practices and help us bolster our efforts to boost client portfolio performance. Often this means looking outside of our own office to see larger industry trends and discuss the […]